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Thank you for willing to contribute to iStudio project. In general there are three ways of contributing and supporting this project.

Thanks to all contributors for your work, small or large.

Continue reading below under the section that best describes your wishes.


Developers who contribute to the project are listed on the home page and on the application's splash screen. If you know your way around C# or any other .NET compliant language, you can easily help develop iStudio.

To start with development, first download the latest source code from version control system (VCS) and compile it on your own machine. Read the Documentation and get the basic understanding of the Application Programming Interface.

Then you can start programming. Once you have a basic version working, we advise you to create a fork of the project and you can use CodePlex VCS. When you think you have a stable version, upload it to your fork and contact us with details, so we can merge your plugin into our release channel. After your first merge, your name is added to the contributors list.

If you wish to be a part of the main developing team, it is our request that you create at least one bug fix, patch, plugin with the way described above. That way we know that you are a capable programmer with basic understanding of our way to work.

For most needed positions and tasks read Join us section on Home page.


You love audio editing, but do not have sufficient programming skills to help with the project. As this is an open source project, all developers work on it in free time. But even developers have to buy food and a place to stay. That is the reason that open source projects get much less attention than their full job.

Some people might be willing to donate funds, to allow the developers to give more time into this project. We accept any kind of donations and will even allow donators to invest in specific feature, to get it developed faster or include additional features. All donations will be used strictly for the development of this project, but we reserve the right of no refunds.

For more information please contact us.


If you do not have programming skills and you are not willing to donate, it does not mean you cannot help. Medium and large projects need not only programmers, but also editors, coordinators, testers and more. We also appreciate additional ideas and suggestions for the application itself.

If you feel you can help on any of the following fields, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Advertising
  • Agile development
  • Application testing in multiple environments
  • Editing and content management (Wiki, Blogs, Forums)
  • Marketing
  • Project coordination
  • Source control management
  • Video editing
  • Website development

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