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Version 0.4.0 - Change log:
  • [Mod] Changed name of the application from iStudio Pro to iStudio
  • [Mod] Reworked plugin system
    • [Mod] Loads plugins from directory using MEF (replaces custom loader)
    • [Mod] Implemented Command system using ICommand (replaces hook system)
    • [Add] Command name now represents action ID
    • [Add] Added API for importing and exporting different file formats
    • [Mod] Changed audio file importing and exporting mechanics
  • [Mod] Restructured Main Window controls
  • [Mod] Renamed WindowControl to WindowHeaderControl
    • [Add] Added properties to WindowHeaderControl for maximize and minimize
  • [Add] Created CustomWindow as window to present Window wrapper
  • [Fix] Fixed display bug of dark overlay grid to be rounded like window
  • [Add] Added error handling window to catch any application crashes
  • [Add] Added API for communication between Modules
  • [Mod] Moved Extensions to Structure assembly
  • [Add] Added API to create modules with single module window
  • [Mod] TrackEditor complete rewrite, added two new APIs
    • [Add] Uses renderer API to render tracks from
    • [Add] Uses tool API to interact with tracks
    • [Add] TrackEditor supports items in submenus
  • [Add] Added Library assembly with reusable functions
  • [Add] Added hooking mechanisms and APIs for real time samples
  • [Mod] Tracks are cached in memory
  • [Mod] Reworked NAudioEngine to use SampleProvider instead of WaveStream
  • [Add] Added realtime Equalizer plugin
  • [Mod] Phase Vocoder changed to speed and pitch
  • [Fix] Fixed bug with Phase Vocoder and Mono tracks
  • [Fix] Fixed bug with rendering tracks that became shorter instead of longer

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